DimensionVR Headset
DimensionVR Headset

DimensionVR Headset

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Open up new possibilities and immerse yourself in a new adventure with the RISE DimensionVR headset. This slick-looking gadget will get you having endless hours of fun!

Compatible With Any Smartphone: Experience a limitless reality
Ergonomic Design With Padding & Adjustable Strap: For a perfectly comfortable fit
Eye-Protected Light HD Lenses: For unparalleled clarity comparable to IMAX
80 Degree Field Of View: Stand at the summit of Mount Everest, like you're actually there
Adjustable Focus: Perfectly match your vision
Access Tons Of VR Content: Explore a Universe of alternate realities



  • DimensionVR headset
  • User Guide
  • 1 Year Warranty

  • Black & Gold Colour
  • Aspherical Optical Resin Lens
  • 80 Degree Angle
  • 20.3cm x 12.3cm x 10.3cm
  • 511g Weight