Infinity Solar Charger
Infinity Solar Charger
Infinity Solar Charger
Infinity Solar Charger
Infinity Solar Charger

Infinity Solar Charger

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Imagine your phone battery has almost run out, then you pull out a small device from your pocket which powers your phone 3 more times. Now, suppose you never ever have to remember to charge that back-up device. The Infinity Solar Charger does exactly that!

Designed by the CEO of a tech company in London, after 3 chargers in his backpack had all run out of battery. He vowed to create a charger that never has to be charged manually & can be carried in your pocket, for the ultimate everyday convenience. So, after producing dozens of designs, the Infinity Solar Charger was born!

Having spoken with 1000's of heavy phone users & frequent travellers, the Infinity Charger was designed to have the perfect power capacity, size & weight ratio, to suit the majority of smartphone users. This is why it's the #1 selling solar phone charger on the planet with over 100,000 units sold to date!

It's 8,000 mAh battery capacity can charge most phones 3 times & can charge 2 devices at the same time, including smartphones, smart watches, tablets, ear buds, e-cigs or even digital camera's.

The solar cells are made from monocrystalline silicon, for maximum performance. The 2 panels together, charge it in twice the speed, reaching full capacity in a blistering 24 hours of sunlight. It even powers itself under artificial light!

The cover is made from premium real leather & easily fits in your pocket, making it both practical & a stylish accessory for the modern day man.

It also doubles up as a flashlight, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, camping trips etc. With 3 light settings, Camping, Strobe & SOS, ideal for regular use or in an emergency.

This portable solar powerbank is the most robust device on the market, it's waterproof, shock-proof & dust-proof, so it's highly durable, to last a very long time. We back this with a 30 day money back guarantee & a 1 year warranty, so you're guaranteed to be pleased with this purchase.

Get your Infinity Solar Charger delivered to your door via International Express in 4 - 10 days, shipped anywhere in the world, for FREE. Join over 100,000 customers & order now, so you never worry about your batteries running out again!